Pay Off Debts: Perform Runa Vimochana Pooja

Runa Vimochana means Debt Clearance. The word “Runa” means Debts and “Vimochana” Runa Vimochana, Debt Clearance, Clear Your Debts, Stay Out of Debtmeans Removal. It is the astrologically significant timings to receive divine blessings to pay off debts and to be free from all kinds of debts forever.

Runa Vimochana Poojais performed to Lord Shiva to clear away all your financial liabilities. It’s a powerful ritual dedicated to Lord Shiva, which can play a great role in inducing you to take favorable decisions allowing you to live a tension free life without debts.

Debts are in fact horrendous to everyone, who has dealt with its intricacy. It is terrible when you have to think about, how you can pay off debts like car loans, bills, credit cards and other personal loans.

In dealing with debts and to pay off debts, the Sages or Siddhas of ancient times have given a whole hearted approach through Vedic Astrology. According to them, debts are of 3 types. They are routed to your life through money borrowed for spending more than what you could afford to earn or pay, balancing the losses through natural disasters like business losses or market recessions and debts which are accrued from gambling, drinking or illegitimate relationships.

Debt is Agonizing

The mental agony of people who suffer from being in debt is immortalized in verse by the great Tamil poet Kambar in his work “Kamba Ramayana” who describes the mental agony of the King Ravana at the verge of being defeated by Lord Rama. “Ravana’s agony was like people who suffer from debt.” The agony about debt represents the extreme physical or mental suffering and the final stages of a difficult or painful death.

Performing Runa Vimochana Pooja can:

• Protect you from neck deep debts

• Help you with the power to manage your debts efficiently

• Allow you to breathe a fresh debt free air.

Runa Vimochana Pooja is ideal for:

• Business People who are looking forward to pay off debts

• People who are facing impediments in their way of returning the borrowed debts

• People who want to live a prosperous life and for those who want to get rid of their karmic debts.

Performing Runa Vimochana Pooja will bestow you with a debt free life studded with wealth and prosperity. He blesses the needy to live a life that is free of hardships of debts and also protects his devotees from borrowing debts in the future and keeps them wealthy and prosperous thereafter.

Runa Vimochana Mantra to be chanted for Runa Vimochana Pooja is:

Vasishtenakrudam Stotram Sarka Roga

Nivaranam Sarvasampathkaram

Seekram Puthra Pouthraadi

Varthanam Sthreesanthyam Yaha

Hadenithyam Sa He