What We Know About Poker Pro Fred Sarge Ferris

When you think of all-time greats in the poker world Fred “Sarge” Ferris has to be at the top of your list. Ferris played poker and played it well. Realizing that some people play poker for fun and some played it as a hobby, few of them had what it took to play for a living. Fred “Sarge” Ferris knew he did.

Fred “Sarge” Ferris grew up in the Great Depression and his father did everything to put food on the table. Living in poverty, his brother enlisted in the Navy and later became a well-known watchmaker and jeweler. He wanted to choose a different path. So he picked up gambling. He didn’t call it gambling. He was a consummate professional, never showing off his cards or giving away any information.

Although not much for publicity, Mr. Ferris started getting the attention of the other players and media as well. He started winning big pots, and high stakes cash games garnering the respect of his peers. His first big win came in a deuce-to-seven draw in 1980 winning $10,000. He then won $150,000 and a gold bracelet in the World Series of poker. After collecting his winnings, Fred Ferris was approached by a man named Stu Ungar.

Ungar did everything he could to convince Ferris that he could win the World Series Of Poker, but needed Fred’s help with the entry fee. Fred was unconvinced at first to help him out, after Ungar told him he had never played in a tournament before. Never the less, here stood a man so convinced he could do that Fred gave him a shot. Fred approached it as no different than playing cards; to him it was just another gamble. Ungar played masterfully, out dueling Fred’s arch rival Doyle Brunson to win the World Series of poker.

On April 22nd 1983 IRS agents approached Ferris in the card room and seized $46,000 in chips. It made headlines in on news circuits while sitting at Binion’s Horseshoe at high stakes games. The money was then reportedly seized because of back taxes Ferris owed to the federal government. One of the agents told Ferris to use the remaining money and buy a taco.

Fred “Sarge” Ferris and his scandal outrage the local Hispanic communities. Protesting that one of the agents mocked Ferris’ ethnicity. His parents were born in Lebanon but he was somehow mistaken for a Mexican. This was all a misunderstanding. Ferris said the agent was trying to be nice. The incident died off eventually.

During most of his life, he spent all of his time at the poker table. It seems appropriate to have his tombstone made out of a poker table, he died there. On March 12th, 1989, after playing in a high-stakes cash game, He suffered a massive heart attack. His funeral was held in Las Vegas. Many people attended his funeral. People came to show their condolences, some were happy he had died.

However after everything Ferris brought to the game he became the 18th inductee into the poker hall of fame. Later that year after a long investigation by both Las Vegas casinos and the Indian gaming commission, Ferris would be linked as one of five men who was in debt to the mob. To Fred’s credit the mob would never see their money.

He will be remembered for his accolades and achievements in the world of poker. His intelligence for the game and his techniques have earned him the respect of future poker players. Fred “Sarge” Ferris was called a “consummate pro” for a reason.

Pros and Cons of A Lottery Win

Lottery, the game of luck, the all-time buzz word in the world is a very attractive way to get rich instantly. Many needy people, lazy people, crazy people invest a lot of money into chasing luck. But, nobody knows the secret of making luck chase them through their lives. There is way to fight with luck and to make sure that you win the lottery. You just need a pen, a paper and a technique that will tell you the lottery pattern. Yeah, it is so easy.

There is an Oklahoma professor who knew it. He knew the lottery pattern, lottery code, the secret to win lottery. He knew how the lottery agencies make huge profits out of the hard earned money of ordinary people. He discovered the lottery strategy to win over luck and make life smooth with lots of money. He never prayed for luck again. Oh no, he did it once. Because he knew all these secrets and already won a series of big lotto prizes consistently making multi million dollars, his life was in danger. He was shot in foot by two strangers who forced him to disclose the secret of cracking lottery code. This is when he prayed for luck again as he was worried about his family and nothing else. He got back his life with a small hole in his left hamstring tendon and learned that fame brings life risks.

So, there is no reason to be overwhelmed if the lottery tips are in your hand. Lottery strategy does not only help you learn how to get rich. It also teaches you that keeping a low profile is as important as winning the lottery. Let money flow in your account, utilize it, make your family happy, make your life out of debt, more luxurious or whatever and remember to be calm always. Do not invite unnecessary trouble by showing it off. According to Larry another important thing is to give to charity. Do not be so greedy or selfish. Donate one part of the lottery money for the sake of humanity. It gives soul satisfaction and peaceful sleep at night. So, in one sentence “if there is a need, then there is a way”. Need for money is unavoidable. The biggest truth is we all have needs and the ability to fulfill those needs can be carried out by the lottery strategy.

Crowdshopping Should Have Been Invented A Long Time Ago

Crowdshopping is an innovative tool to use for real estate. If you take a look at some key indicators, you will see that it should have been invented a long time ago. First, let’s define crowdshopping.

It’s a crowd of buyers who are interested in the same product and who are willing to compete for that product. Although this definition could be applied to people who like to participate in auctions, it is appropriately applied to people who want a product but want to purchase it at the lowest possible price.

Auctions usually provide a minimal discount. Crowdshopping provides a monstrous discount to those smart enough to take advantage of it.

Key Indicator #1: The Lottery

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2008, 82 billion dollars was spent on lottery tickets and other amusement activities. 82 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money. People like trying to win something big for a little price.

Key Indicator #2: The Stock Market

Day traders and stock investors are risk-takers. In general, they are people who like to multiply their finances by using information that indicates whether their chance of success is high or low.

Key Indicator #3: Game Shows

Ah yes, game shows. You can poo poo game shows if you want but they have been around forever. Look at Wheel of Fortune. This show has been on for 30 years and it still gets at least 10,000,000 viewers to watch other people win money.

Key Indicator #4: Credit Card Debt

The total amount of credit card debt in America is reported to be 793 billion dollars. Second to the largest consumer debt pile of student loans, which is 956 billion dollars. Auto loans equal to 768 billion dollars. If we look at home loans, they would easily blow these three away.

Conclusion? People want what they want. They are willing to pay upwards of 8% or even 22% in interest payments to get what they want when they want it.

Key Indicator #5: The Real Estate Bubble

People want to own their own home. We already know that it’s the “American Dream” but it’s really about stability. They want to know that they have a safe place to come home to and they want to know that it can never be taken away from them.

Key Indicator #6: Coupons

People want to save money. They want a deal. They want a sale. Even if manufacturers artificially drove up the MSRP so they could place an item on “sale” at their desired price, consumers wouldn’t care. As long as there was an observable way to see that they “saved” money.

Key Indicator #7: Gambling

Games of chance: they have been around forever. Although there is a downward trend in gambling right now, it won’t last for long if the economy improves. Some people will always want to get something for nothing. They will always want to feel like they beat the system and made money that they never would have made going the traditional route.

How is crowdshopping going to make a difference?

Crowdshopping uses the conventional system of test taking to provide consumers with another way to consume. To crowdshop well, you have to be knowledgeable about the subject and able to perform under tight deadlines. It almost sounds like a job description.

It’s comparable to the SAT, LSAT, GRE, MCAT and others because you gather a group of people together and give them the same test, and then compare their scores against each other.

We have been taking tests since we were six years old. Test taking is a skill that shouldn’t end after we graduate from school.

How can taking a test change the consumer market? It can change it by providing another option for consumers rather than the traditional methods.

If you gather people together who have the same needs, like the need for shelter, and place them into a situation where the cost of the product far outweighs the cost of the opportunity, you now have leveled the playing field. Now anyone can achieve the “American Dream” through the use of their intellect, instead of solely by the use of their money.

The Internet

There are two billion people on the Internet. The Internet is the only place that can bring millions of consumers together at the same time. There is no better use of Internet technology than bringing people together to contribute to the needs of all of them.

What’s the risk in crowdshopping? The risk is the possibility of losing money. You may compete 1,000 times and never have anything to show for it. In that scenario, you may not have gained the object you desired, but you did make it possible for 1,000 people to get their needs met.

The fee you pay to crowdshop becomes a donation.

Charity at its Best

For thousands of years, humans have donated their money to help the needy. Charity is a beautiful thing. The only setback is the few people who run the charities decide where all of the funds go.

With crowdshopping, the provider may be accepting small fees from a large group of people, but it’s letting those same people, through competition, determine who walks away with the funds. It’s not a perfect solution, but it will help to solve real problems.

The Key to Crowdshopping

It has to have realistic odds. It cannot be a sweepstakes or a lottery. It has to be more like a tournament. Each consumer has to know that they have a real chance of obtaining the product.

The Greed of Bankers And Corporations

Many wise people fear that the human mind is a universal code held in their safes by the greediest of people, all kinds of worldwide political castes – bigger and lesser emperors – bankers and corporations. Whom does it suit to have people who are not free individuals, and do not have sane minds and pure hearts? Well, those who are slaves to greed! Sadly, the world’s biggest media, the biggest publishers, are increasingly becoming a might weapon in the hands of shadow rulers, those who want to rule people. While watching ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’, we can identify with the plot and the characters, because just like human kindness, greed is eternal.

Some might say that bankers are gamblers. I know I did so on occasion, but life teaches us that this analogy is wrong. Why? Because I actually respect professional gamblers who put their own money on stake. Wall Street bankers, on the other hand, gamble away their clients’ money. They don’t stand to loose anything of their own, thus they are not gamblers. If we take a look at legendary gambler Doyle Brunson and a bank manager, what we see is two different worlds. Doyle Brunson earned every last cent he has gambling with his own money, and when his chips tower higher and higher, it’s not due to robbing the poor of their money, but because he is doing his job better than other professional gamblers. What about bankers? They enrich themselves on the backs of the poor, and even when they lose money, they never become poor. Why? Because the tax payers are the ones to pay back their debts, which is always backed by the story that the bankruptcy of major banks would account for an even worse recession in the U.S.A. and the world. So, the citizens can and must file for bankruptcy, but the same rule does not apply to banks, which are clearly double standards, which is pernicious for any free market.

If we know that corruption is the malignant tumor of every society, we should ask ourselves why is it that banks and corporations profit the most from societies infected by corruption? Many underdeveloped countries are infected by corruption, through dictatorships of political castes, thus losing billions of dollars, but little is it known that there are increasing amounts of money flowing from underdeveloped countries into banks and corporations of the developed world. According to data published by the World Bank, corruption that takes forms of bribery and stealing on behalf of state officials account for losses of between 34 and 56 billion dollars per year in underdeveloped countries. This accounts for a mere 5% of the total amount of money disappearing from public funds. On the other hand, multinational companies steal more than 980 billion dollars a year from underdeveloped countries through tax evasion. Still, this is not covered by the official definition of corruption. This huge outflow is facilitated by suspicious financial system in underdeveloped countries riddled by corruption, as well as by the creation of tax oases into which money from underdeveloped and corrupt countries is transferred. In such tax oases, companies exist only fictively, which is also the case for anonymous accounts and false foundations.

The world’s biggest banks became so powerful as to be able to control the systems of most of the world’s countries, which is particularly the case for underdeveloped countries. Over the last few years, they managed to achieve deregulation in many parliaments around the world through their powerful lobbies, which led to an increase of monetary flux through banking systems that are beyond control. Journalists have discovered that the world’s biggest banks make hundreds of billions of dollars by laundering the dirty money of drug cartels, and all kinds of dictators and corrupt politicians.

If we know that the MMF’s shadow master is a consortium of the biggest banks and corporations, who manage to squeeze money out of underdeveloped countries in a suspicious manner, it is no wonder to see that an MMF representative claimed that the corrupt Croatian government has done a good job by introducing pre-bankruptcy settlements, even if any beginner in economy knows that this very “law” makes corruption bloom in Croatia. It should be said that small and beautiful Croatia is blessed by nature. It is a country of a thousand islands surrounded by a clear azure sea. At the heart of Croatia, there is Gorski Kotar, a forested mountainous area with the cleanest freshwater in the world). There are endless fertile plains in the eastern part of the country, but despite all these nature’s blessings, people going through garbage bins are becoming a common sight in the cities, which is a major defeat for all those politicians that gained the people’s vote at the last elections. The Croatian political caste have closed their eyes instead of fighting corruption. When they vote for new laws, they do it for the good of their tycoon pals, and not for the greater good. What is the MMF doing about it?

I wonder whether the MMF has the power and honor to look at the man in the mirror. And so, the MMF is praising the corrupt Croatian caste when they decrease the social rights of the already poor citizens, when they decrease the already low hourly wage, and when they take away all the basic workers’ rights, and we know that there is no spending without reasonable wages. If there is spending, then there is also production, and how is there supposed to be spending if there is no one to spend? Without jobs, there is no spending, and so it goes on in a circle. Furthermore, the MMF has only praise for this spectacular robbery in Croatia, called pre-bankruptcy settlements. Yes, you might not believe it, but the MMF delegate has praised the government of the Republic of Croatia for that law, claiming that pre-bankruptcy settlements are a great idea!!! Kolakusic, a famous crime fighter and a judge at the commercial court, said that this is ‘a particularly cunning law that reads like a manual on how to abuse it’. In the honorable judge’s own words: “I have noticed that this is a particularly cunning law, which facilitates countless abuses. There are three statewide subjects simultaneously participating in it: the Financial Department, the commercial courts and the administrative courts, and neither is responsible for anything. Such a law, such cunning… I simply couldn’t believe that something like this is possible.”

So, this “law” has nothing in common with the free market and healthy laws. Its purposes is to pillage taxpayers. Where are the spoils going to? To the banks! They are not interested in the fact that the state might go bankrupt tomorrow, and that the people will bleed in the street in pursuit of one revolution or the other, because both the banks and the political elite will take their loot and look for a new country and new victims. This inhumane and anti-commercial law rewards ignorance, irresponsibility, laziness, embezzlement, pillaging, corruption… and it punishes honesty, diligence and creativity. To put it simply, crooks are forgiven hundreds of millions in tax debt, while honest entrepreneurs have their small family businesses shut down for a few more undeclared kuna found in their counters.

One doesn’t need to be a financial genius to understand that a crook who gained the ownership of a factory by cheating can never create new jobs; all he will do is destroy the factories and the existing jobs, and this is how we reach local and global economic crises. So, how can the MMF claim to adhere to the rules of the free market? In a genuinely free market, there is no protectionism on behalf of the government (l’etat c’est moi). It is left to the free market. So, if a company doesn’t make profit, it must file for bankruptcy, and then a new company will rise from its ashes, with a new brand, and new creative people and visions, who will make profit and create new jobs. Freedom is in the genes of every human being, and this is also true for the economy, lest we forget that people deal with economy since their moment of birth.

People dispiritedly say that profit became the epicenter of life. I will never stop believing that people are the epicenter of life. Compassion, kindness, love and faith, those noble values eternally hover above humans like a sacred aureola and an everlasting guardian of the spirit. Yes, we can create a better profit-making system, but it’s all for naught if we disregard people. Some scientists, politicians and businessmen would say that the more people control their emotions, the wealthier and more intelligent they become. My message to them is: The moment you become the master of your emotions, know that you have lost them for good. They don’t say for nothing that one should listen to their hearts and souls when faced with a horrible dilemma. “Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.” (Francis Bacon) Isn’t that the case with emotions too? Those who take joy in the golden rays of the sun are much wealthier spiritually and much happier than those who only feel joyous about the glow of the gold. Why? Because the most valuable things in life are for free. You can’t buy praised, pure and noble love with no amount of money, but you can have it if you haven’t lost your emotions.

Walter William Safar