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Heim/Hvarf in charts
Sigur Rós places Heim/Hvarf in the charts of following countries:

Germany: 35
Switzerland: 44
UK: 23
France: 50
Netherlands: 92
Sweden: 45
Norway: 21
Portugal: 19
Australia: 49

You know more Countries or the course of the charts? Please tell us. Then we can release it here.
22 Nov 2007 by Martin

Sigur Rós Interview in Vanity Fair
There is an interview with Kjartan in the online-isue of the german Vanity Fair. They talk about "Heima" and the change in iceland, espacialy Reykjavík

So he can imagine, that he will go away, a short time. For example to Berlin, Milano or Rom.
06 Nov 2007 by Martin

Hljómalind (Rokklagið) release on october 22nd
Sigur Rós will release a new single “hljómalind” on heavyweight 7″ vinyl on october 22nd in europe. hljómalind is the official name of the song previously known by fans as rokklagið. hljómalind was written in 1999 during the ágætis byrjun era but wasn’t recorded until earlier this year. the b-side on this 7″ is a live acoustic version of starálfur.

Update 17.10.: the release has been moved back a week. it will now be released on october 29th.
15 Oct 2007 by Martin

Heima premiere in Berlin

Sigur Rós tourfilm and Live-DVD "Heima" will not only be released on November 2nd, but also get a premiere screening in Berlin on the 21st of October. No details are known yet, we'll keep you up to date. Maybe the band will even be present for a small acoustic set, like at other screenings of the film?

04 Oct 2007 by Michael (FragileHalo)

Hlemmur CD+DVD (limited edition)

Sigur Rós first soundtrack for the documentation Hlemmur is today released as a limited edition. The hardcover book with drawings by the band holds the music on CD, as well as the film on DVD. This release is limited to 3000 copies and individually stamped and numbered.

You can get it in some shops in Reykavík and over at Smekkleysa and Sigur Rós Sandbag Shop.
20 Aug 2007 by Michael (FragileHalo)

New Compilation & Tourfilm
The NME reports that Sigur Rós will release a new 2CD compilation on November 5th, 2007. Hvarf-Heim will combine an EP and Acousticalbum. The former will contain some longtime Livefaves as Studioversions. The tracklist:

Hvarf (studio)

01 Salka
02 Hljómalind
03 Í Gær
04 Von (new version)

Heim (acoustic)

01 Samskeyti
02 Starálfur
03 Vaka
04 Ágætis Byrjun
05 Heysátan
06 Von

Cover Hvarf:

Cover Heim:


Also, the first trailer for the coming tourfilm "Heima" is finally online. Sigur Rós first full-length DVD was filmed during the band's Iceland Tour in the summer of 2006.

"Heima" Trailer (Streams):
QuickTime / RealPlayer / Windows Media Player
30 Jul 2007 by Michael (FragileHalo)

Amiina Europe Tour
Amiina announced a short european spring tour.

Upcoming Tourdates:

may 15 Glasgow, UK (Mono)

may 16 Manchester, UK (Academy 3)

may 17 London, UK (Purcell Rooms)

may 19 Brussels, Belgium (AB)

may 21 Berlin, Germany (Festsaal Kreuzberg)

may 22 Frankfurt, Germany (Brotfabrik)
18 Apr 2007 by Alex79

Band back in the studio
Sigur Rós skipped the work on a Livealbum (cause they found that too boring, rumours say) and are in fact recording new material for the Takk... successor. Still, there is talk about some old unreleased gems being on it - maybe Salka, Lagið Í Gær or Gítardjamm? We'll see & hear...

Still to come is the release of the Live-DVD of this years icelandic summer tour. We're hopng for the first quarter of 2007. Will you hope with us?
15 Dec 2006 by Michael (FragileHalo)

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