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Hoppípolla meets Hafssól
The B-Sides to the soon released "Hoppípolla" Single will be the outro "Með Blóðnasir" and the new rearranged version of "Hafssól". [EDIT: Sadly no new version of "Von" this time.]

"Hoppípolla" will be released at November 28th.
24 Oct 2005 by Michael (FragileHalo)

Re-Release of Ný Batterí
In some weeks it will the single Ný Batterí will be re-released.

1. Rafmagnið búið
2. Ný batterí
3. Bíum bíum bambaló
4. Dánarfregnir og jarðafarir

More info to the first release in our discography. The exact release-date isn't known and will announced here in a few days.
16 Oct 2005 by Martin

succesful chartentry of Takk...
Takk... has a very good chartentry:

Worldwide: 20
Europe: 8

Iceland: 1

Germany: 27
Austria: 35
Switzerland : 31
Sweden: 12
Finland: 16 -> 8
Norway: 4
Danmark: 16
USA: 27
Canada: 21
UK: 16 -> 50 (2nd week)
Ireland: 6 -> 24
Italy: 4 -> 5
France: 30
Portugal: 5
Czech Republic: 53
Belgium: 30 -> 11
Netherlands: 44
Australia: 20
Japan: 31

if you have any other chart positions please tell us
26 Sep 2005 by Martin

EPK on
Punktually to the release of Takk… you can find on an elektronic press kit (EPK) as realmovie-stream. It is thirty minutes long.
Link to EPK
12 Sep 2005 by Martin

Video of Glósoli
Last month the video of Glósoli was shot in Iceland. You can find it in our download-section.
08 Sep 2005 by Martin

9/11: SR-Live-concert in the web
On Septemer 11th you can hear the complete Sigur Rós concert of maryland in the webcast of
More information you can find here.
08 Sep 2005 by Martin

Donwload Glósóli from
You can download the first Song from Takk… from the new Homepage There is also the complete artwork.
15 Aug 2005 by Martin

planed Takk... Singles
The second single / first regular single from Takk... will be (according to the webmasters of "Hoppípolla", then "Sæglópur" as the third one, possibly in EP format (Extended Play, with more bonus tracks than normal singles).
05 Aug 2005 by Michael (FragileHalo)

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