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[Thanks to devlin for the hint in our board ]
21 Jul 2005 by Martin

12. Sep: Takk...
The Name of the fourth Sigur Rós album is Takk... . It will be released September 12th with follow tracks:

1. takk...
2. glósóli
3. hoppípolla
4. með blóðnasir
5. sé lest
6. sæglópur
7. mílanó
8. gong
9. andvari
10. svo hljótt
11. heysátan
11 Jul 2005 by Martin

next album completed
Sigur Rós's next album has been recorded and mixed. The album contains ten songs and is currently being mastered in new york. the release is autum.
Currently ther is no name for it.
23 Jun 2005 by Martin

US-tourdates released:

Aug 9th Hawaii Theatre, Honolulu
Sept 6th Atlanta Symphony Hall
Sept 7th Carolina Theatre, Durham
Sept 9th Tower Theater, Philadelphia
Sept 11th The Music Center at Strathmore, Maryland
Sept 12th Beacon Theatre, New York
Sept 13th Beacon Theatre, New York
Sept 15th The Opera House, Boston
Sept 16th Théâtre Maisonneuve, Montreal
Sept 18th Ottawa (venue to follow)
Sept 19th Massey Hall, Toronto
Sept 20th The Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor
Sept 21st Chicago Theatre
Sept 23rd Orpheum Theatre, Madison
Sept 24th State Theatre, Minneapolis
Sept 27th Orpheum, Vancouver
Sept 28th Paramount Theatre, Seattle
Sept 29th Roseland Theatre, Portland
Oct 1st Paramount Theatre, Oakland
Oct 3rd Copley Symphony Hall, San Diego
Oct 5th Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles*
Oct 6th The Joint, Las Vegas
09 Jun 2005 by Martin

SR wrote a song for Andersen
Sigur Rós wrote a song for the royal danish ballet's re-telling of hans christian andersen's tale of the little match girl.
It is not on the new album, but you can download ist from the official site
09 Jun 2005 by Martin

Sigur Rós Gigs in Australia
After the european-tour Sigur Rós will play in Australia:

3 august - melbourne, hamer hall
4 august - sidney, emmore
5 august - brisbane, tivoli

Pre-sale-tickets are soon available at
12 May 2005 by Martin

Amina support Sigur Rós
amina will be the band's supporting act at all july's tour dates (excluding the japan- and switzerland-gig).
09 May 2005 by Martin

general ticket sales
general ticket sales have now begun for the majority of the july tour dates, excluding milan and rome, which have yet to go on booking offices or
29 Apr 2005 by Martin

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