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Sigur Rós at "Montreux Jazz Festival"
Sigur Rós will play this year again (after 2001) at the "Montreux Jazz Festival".
The concert is at the 3rd of july 2006.
04 May 2006 by Martin

"Sæglópur EP" cover

Here's the supposed artwork for the saeglopur EP.
18 Apr 2006 by Lars

Sæglópur Video

To see a director's cut of the new video to "Sæglópur",
go to this website:
13 Apr 2006 by Michael (FragileHalo)

Jónsi Solo-Song
Some of you may know the untitled solo-song Jónsi composed 2004 on the laptop and performed once in Iceland, as Frakkur. Now his first song, "Ammælisstrákur", will be released on the "Family Album" sampler of the icelandic label Kitchen Motors. (If this is the untitled 2004 or an entirely new track is unknown right now). The sampler is set to be released in Iceland in May and in the USA in June.

For more information go here:
13 Apr 2006 by Michael (FragileHalo)

Five new Concerts
Sigur Rós will be in Poland and Luxembourg the first time.
Other new concerts are in France, England and Portugal.
All current concerts you find here.
01 Apr 2006 by Martin

Sæglópur EP (with DVD!)
The management of Sigur Rós confirmed the release of the new single, the "Sæglópur" EP. It will include 3 completely new B-Sides, plus: A DVD with the Takk... Videos!
The worldwide release date has yet to be announced. Tracklist:

01. Sæglópur
02. Refur
03. Ó Fridur
04. Kafari

01. Glósóli
02. Hoppípolla
03. Sæglópur
20 Mar 2006 by Michael (FragileHalo)

New Festivals and individual-gigs

Sigur Rós will play on some Festivals and individual-gigs:

14. April Sydney (Australia) - The Great Escape Festival
25. June Essen (Germany) - Lichtburg
04. July Ferrara (Italy) - piazza castello
06. July Paris (France) - Olympia
14. July Barcelona (Spain) - Summercase Festival
15. July Madrid (Spain) - Summercase Festival
27. July Oslo (Norway) - Oslo Spektrum
16 Mar 2006 by Martin

Sigur Rós in China
Sigur Rós will be playing the hitec venue in hong kong on april the 7th.
01 Mar 2006 by Martin

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